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Tribel Founder Omar Rivero: From Occupy Democrats to a Bigotry-Free Social Network

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Discover the journey of Omar Rivero, digital entrepreneur who transitioned from creating the Occupy Democrats movement to launching Tribel, a new social network.

NEW YORK - Amzeal -- What launched originally as a brainchild of the wildly popular left-leaning website Occupy Democrats shifts its focus to building a social network that embraces positive interactions in content communities and anti-bigotry experiences. Tribel is designed for the billions of social media users who are exhausted of irrelevant content feeds and the narrow-mindedness of keyboard warriors.

Omar Rivero, a Mexican-American entrepreneur who grew up experiencing racism and hate due to his mixed race, used his expertise in digital technology to find success in having a voice. Occupy Democrats garnered more social media followers than The Washington Post or Wall Street Journal. As you can imagine, that's no easy feat. Rivero's savvy knowledge and passion for his subjects were completely unmatched, and when you add in the creativity in wordsmithing such messages, the movement exploded.

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This left much to be desired in terms of opinions and healthy debates. When it was recognized that there was room for improvement on those "other" social media sites, Tribel was born. Tribel is a safer, more inclusive social space for authentic content shared by a community that seeks to contribute meaningful and purposeful commentary. The idea sprouts from a lack of relevant content delivered in users' feeds, which in turn evokes emotion that could be triggering, adverse, fearful, and alarming – prompting temptation to comment in negative ways.

Although we see a lot of positive movements happening in digital media, such as the #metoo, #loveislove, #blacklivesmatter, #allbodiesarebeautiful, and others, many of those content posts still foster backlash, be it from the dogmatic or keyboard warriors.

Tribel was founded to foster diverse discussions where content creators contribute valuable thoughts, ideas, and insights in their respective authoritative domains. This distinctive approach transforms Tribel into a knowledge-sharing hub where users gain, appreciate, and share insights on various topics.

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Rivero is not only a tech entrepreneur but also a prominent American politician and influencer. His extensive experience in media and journalism, coupled with a passion for creating meaningful online interactions, led to the development of Tribel. He initiated the platform with his own communities, cultivating a space where users could engage, learn, and share within a dynamic and inclusive digital environment.

Since its inception, Tribel has witnessed remarkable growth, attracting around a million users. The platform's success lies in its commitment to providing a distinctive social networking experience, bridging the gap between traditional forums and contemporary social media. As Tribel continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to its original vision of promoting diverse discussions, knowledge-sharing, and community engagement.

For more information, visit the Tribel website: www.tribel.com

Ty Masters
Creative Director & Writer

Source: Tribel
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