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Traditional Publishing is Extinct - New Business Model Leaves Others Behind

Which other publishing houses provide FREE cover design, formatting, website, social media, mailing list AND pay 50% towards marketing costs? NDS Media takes a bold step forward to make life easier for authors.

April 8, 2017 - Amzeal -- NDS Media is leading the way in the book world with Publishing Partnerships, an option that is unprecedented and unrivaled in the publishing world.
Partnerships are two-way relationships. The author writes the book, NDS Media design it, publish it and create a complete online platform – FREE OF CHARGE!

Publishing has changed – dramatically! There are so many self-published authors online that it has become harder than ever for new books to be seen. The answer – build an online platform, engage in social media, develop a mailing list, promote and market while at the same time try and write the next book! But for most writers, they're also trying to hold down a regular job and don't have the time to do all this. If they have the money to invest they employ someone to do all design and online work for them. But a lot of new writers don't have the spare capital to invest.

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Publishing Partnerships change all of that.

NDS Media invest in the author's online platform in exchange for 50% of all royalties over a specified period of time. It's in their interests to make the book commercial and give it the best possible platform to launch from.

What's included?
NDS Media build an author website, set up a Facebook page, design and format the book for release as an ebook and paperback. They will publish your book on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and more. They even pay 50% of the marketing fees if an author takes out one of their marketing options.

What genres are they accepting?
All genres. Nothing is taboo.

What is the minimum contract?
This varies depending on how many books they're publishing for you, how commercial the books are and what they consider would be an appropriate period of time to recoup their investment. Most contracts are around 2 years.

What are the marketing options?
As a partner, authors would also have access to marketing services at greatly reduced prices – NDS Media supplementing all costs by 50%. The author does not have to take out any of the marketing options – they are OPTIONAL. All marketing options are subject to a minimum one year contract.

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How to apply to be a partner?
Email NDS Media at designteam@noveldesignstudio.com and include the following files (MS Word doc please):
- First 3,000 words of the book,
- Synopsis (summary) of the whole book (Max 1,000 words),
- Short bio about yourself (Max 500 words), including a list of other books you have published,
- Recent head shot of yourself.


Tim Flanagan - Director Novel Design Studio

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