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Tomahawk Robotics introduces Kinesis, the next step in wearable, multi-domain robotic control systems

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Kinesis enables unified command and control of unmanned systems regardless of the vendor or mobility domain

MELBOURNE, Fla. - Amzeal -- Tomahawk Robotics control system, Kinesis, is making the use of robots more effective, intuitive and safer for enterprises utilizing robots to do dangerous outdoor jobs.  Kinesis enables unified command and control of unmanned systems regardless of the vendor or mobility domain. From robotic systems in the air, ground or water, Kinesis enables seamless control of robotic platforms and payloads.

Kinesis leverages ROS, which is the world's leading robotic capabilities development suite to abstract sensor interfaces, allowing for plug-and-play of new capabilities.  Kinesis has been built from the ground up to interoperate with common end user devices and is agnostic to the robotic or unmanned systems platform or the communication network tying the system together.  The user can control each unmanned system independently or in a coordinated fashion.  Common robotic control enables a signification reduction of user training and user error, ultimately producing a safer, more efficient application

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For the ultimate in man-wearable control solutions, Kinesis Mobile is an app that runs on common end-user devices.  When coupled with Mimic, an inertial-based one-handed controller, users can seamlessly operate the latest air and ground robotic systems with the smallest, lightest tactical footprint yet conceived or built.  "Our development team did an incredible job tailoring Kinesis for mobile applications.  Kinesis Mobile and Mimic provides a cost effective and lightweight solution for robotic control that can be scaled to address a wide range of user needs," said Matt Summer, CTO of Tomahawk Robotics.

To see what Kinesis and Mimic can do together, you can view our video located on our home page here https://tomahawkrobotics.com/.

Tomahawk Robotics is a market leader and innovator of robotic control solutions serving Security & Defense, Energy & Infrastructure, and Assistive Robotics markets. Tomahawk Robotics is committed to driving enterprise adoption of robotics by reducing cost and making robotic systems easier to use through intuitive, user-centric design. Tomahawk's Kinesis product line is a collaborative, one-to-many control system, enables users to seamlessly manipulate their environment from across the room or around the world.

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For more information, please visit https://tomahawkrobotics.com/.

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