Time to take advantage on high rental returns from real estate in Dubai, Says FIDU Properties

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: March 03, 2020: FIDU Properties, one of the leading Chinese companies in the UAE property market, has reaffirmed that time to invest in the Dubai property sector is now – considering the high rental returns and yields on offer to the investors.

Dubai real estate offers one of the best rental yields in the world, extending better returns than many major cities around the world - which is a strong indicator of the robust foundations of the sector in the Emirate.

Fidu Properties has said that the average rental returns in Dubai are better than big cities in spite ofa decline in prices in the recent past, and hence offers unmatched value for real estate investors in the current market.

The company's statement comes amidst a recent study by Property Finder which stated that the rental yields in Dubai properties consistently offer over 5 to 7 per cent gross returns on an average; while global property hotspots such as London stand at 2.7 per cent, Hong Kong at 2.4 per cent, New York at 2.9 per cent and Singapore at 2.5 per cent.

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Fidu Properties, said: "The real estate industry in the Emirate of Dubai has matured over the years, with its diverse offering in line with the market demands. Those investing in the real estate within Dubai can expect rental yields of between 5 to 8 per cent in the mid-market segment despite corrections. Dubai still needs about 30,000-40,000 new homes each year, as per industry estimates, and hence this is a great buyer's market."

Developers are recognizing this trend and the need to entice tenants into investing in the properties and in turn offering them payment plans that are convenient and hassle-free. For investors, he said.

Moreover, in the current Dubai residential market, the landlords are being more flexible than ever before when it comes to the price points or rental-free periods, or defining the payment terms, which the best any tenant can aspire for.

Rental yields are rental income – themoney that a tenant pays to the landlord - divided by the purchasing price of the said property. It is one of the most important considerations for mid- to long-term investors.stats
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