Think Out-of-the-Box for Effective B2B Lead Generation

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You may be well-versed with innumerable techniques, tactics on how to attract more leads, how to increase your ROI and much more. But if you focus on the techniques or tactics that are closely aligned with your business objectives and are also innovative; they might become the game-changers of your business. The techniques that may not look effective at first could have hidden potential to enhance your lead generation and ROI.

Generating quality leads is the first challenge for any B2B marketer. Using a combination of inbound and outbound marketing works wonders in most cases but trying out some out-of-the-box techniques for better leads should also be a part of your B2B sales and marketing strategy.

Let's explore two techniques that you may not have used yet, but would like to give it a try for better business outcomes.

Get them talking with interesting questions:

At the end of the day, a lead is a human being and there is huge power in starting a conversation; an engaging one at that! If you are using social media for content marketing, which you must, then asking questions is the new-normal for engaging audiences.

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A bland post never works if you are thinking engagement. Platforms such as LinkedIn have evolved over a period of time and so have the users.

Instead of making bland statements which may get you limited attention, nudge the readers to respond by asking a question at the end of the post. This is one way of engaging your audience. There are other ways wherein you engage the reader through surveys, polls, voting options to just get them to respond. You can even conduct a quiz inviting participants; while combining it with an irresistible offer like a heavy discount.

However, don't forget the power of relevant and meaningful content that aligns with your target audience, because it is ultimately the quality and relevance of your content that will draw the attention of the reader.

Warm up to your cold e-mails:

Many marketers rethink about cold e-mails, simply because they are not sure about the response they might get or might not get at all. Just because your target audience doesn't know you, it in no way means you shouldn't try. What you should do is make the emails more likeable by using innovation and creativity.

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Blend-in some ideas that can spice up your otherwise cold emails. Cold emails have lesser chances to be opened by users; so add a dash of color, some interesting graphics, crisp and relevant content; while you finish it off with an attention grabbing headline and subject line.

You can even add relevant quotes, data or statistics that can be a good take-away for the reader and above all, give them what they are looking for with a twist in the offer.

Make them wonder, make them laugh even; make them think about your brand as an effort. This can bring great results in converting a curious prospect into a lead.


Many a times customization can be the key to a successful B2B lead strategy! It all comes down to how well you know your target audience and how willing you really are to put in the efforts to get to know them or get them to respond to your marketing strategies. A trend is a trend because everyone is already doing it right? So start today by thinking out-of-the box to get the best B2B leads you ever wanted.stats
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