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The New York Stock Exchange edition of the Digital Innovators show features Starcave Global's revolutionary Color Code Security System

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Starcave Global team and friends at the NYSE
Starcave Global's MCCX Project which includes their Color Code Technology provides higher level of security solution for fintech payments and crypto transactions

NEW YORK - Amzeal -- The executive team from Starcave Global, a global financial cybersecurity and payments company, flew to New York for the new Digital Innovators episode filmed inside the New York Stock Exchange. The executive team consisting of Starcave Global's Chairman and Founder Harrison Park, CEO Ted Ko, and Director Eddy Kim sat down for an interview with host David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group.

In this episode, Starcave Global presents their fintech solutions like Ghost Wallet and their core technology, the Color Code Security System. They shared their vision and plans for the MCCX Project in the coming years. The team also addressed the fundamental problems of the modern payment system that they wanted to solve through their innovative fintech solutions.

Starcave Global Director Eddy Kim said, "The problem of today's payment system is that technology that used to pay through their card to complete their payment, the authority of approving the transaction strictly belongs to the merchants, not the actual users. So basically, the entire process of transaction from inputting the payment to the approval request is being generated through the main server. So, it can cause and it can be hacked through the card information."

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He further explained that illegal duplication of credit cards is a serious problem in the US and other countries and renders payment transactions vulnerable. Starcave wants to achieve and create an environment where the customer has control over the safety of their payment transaction. They have developed their fintech solutions like the Ghost Wallet platform and their Color Code Security technology to resolve the security issue on modern payment systems. Aside from their disposable, one-time payment generated color code, only the amount to be settled will be sent to the vendor.They also separate the user's personal key to keep it safe and to prevent any hacking attempts.

Harrison Park, Starcave Global's Chairman, spent the last 20 years developing and perfecting their breakthrough Color Code Security technology which powers and secures Starcave Global's fintech solutions and services. When asked about the things he appreciates the most in the past 20 years of doing business, Chairman Park shared (in Korean), "First is for the better fintech solution. Second is for the customer. As you know, when you get to the older generation these days, using an application from the phone is too much complicated for them and yet security itself is not there; so people find it very hard to use and sometimes they don't even bother to look into it. That's what I wanted to change into a more user-friendly environment as well as being a pioneer to create a code that gives a lot of inspiration and bring out the next level of a security tech."

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Starcave Global CEO Ted Ko shared the company's vision and growth plans for the coming years. Ko said in Korean, "We wanted to achieve and make sure that every individual user will feel user-friendly and also have a secure base of protecting their own vault or savings in terms of the aspect of not getting hacked. This is our vision for the next five years."

CEO Ko and Director Kim revealed their US expansion and strategic plans for the next 12 months. They are looking for partner/s in the US who already have establishments in the security tech area. Director Kim said that their color code program is comparable with any other gateway system and is ready to be introduced right away. When asked about the opportunities in Asia and in America, CEO Ko explained that he believes that the US is one of the main countries with the biggest advancements in technology. He wants to introduce the Color Code technology to the American market and eventually expand worldwide next year.

"I would like to thank my teammates who came up with these innovations and all their hard work to bring us all the way to Stock Exchange today. I'll make sure to push it even harder to bring it to the next level. Thank you so much for the opportunities," added CEO Ko.

To view the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au-NFF4Qd9M

For more information on Starcave Global, visit: https://starcaveglobal.com

For more information on Digital Innovators, visit: https://digitalinnovators.tv

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Source: The Soho Loft Media Group for Starcave Global Ltd
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