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The Liquidity and Size of The Foreign Exchange Market

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TORONTO - Amzeal -- The interbank market is the majority of trading that happens within the forex market. The biggest difference between regular trading and forex trading is that it does not have a physical or central exchange location. It is a 24-hour market and run-in different banks connected by the internet.

Forex is the most popular financial market in the world. There are a number of different organizations and individuals from around the world. Based on overall pricing, reputation, and conditions of trade, people will figure out who they want to trade within the OTC market.

Forex Speculation

Overall trading volume is based on commercial and financial transactions. An important thing to point out is that most trading is based on speculation. The majority of the trading volume is short term movements of price from people buying and selling. This accounts for about 90% of the trading volume added by speculators.

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