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The Chupacabra is Back -- and he's brought some friends!

Science, magic, and myth collide in The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods

CHARLESTON, S.C. - July 22, 2016 - Amzeal -- Recent chupacabra sightings from around the world -- the Philippines (January), New York State (May), and Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine (June) -- indicate that the beast has returned after a two-year absence. In 2014, author Lynne Hinkey revealed the truth about the mysterious chupacabra in the hilarious "Scooby-Do meets Murder, She Wrote" monster caper Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons (Casperian Books).

The creature is back in Hinkey's third novel The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats and Gods, the second in her Chupacabra Trilogy. The Un-Familiar picks up two years after the conclusion of Hinkey's previous novel and follows the continuing adventures of the mythical monster when he returns to his home in Puerto Rico.

Hinkey, a "marine scientist by training, author by passion, and curmudgeon by nature," uses experiences from her years living in the Caribbean to infuse her latest novel with a bit of tropical magic. Weaving myth and mystery with some endearing island characters, she once again gives the reader a raucous and thought-provoking island adventure.

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In the Un-Familiar, we find the dog-god's familiar Señora Milagros Hernan ready to retire, but her replacement, Carmen del Toro, is missing. Without Carmen, the merciful god they serve -- sometimes called the chupacabra -- will remain weak and vulnerable to predation by other gods. When a series of natural disasters strike the island in a most unnatural manner, Señora Milagros suspects there's something supernatural behind both the weather and her apprentice's disappearance. Now, there's a beast of a storm brewing, and only a god can stop it. But which one? Science, magic, and myth collide as Milagros searches for the link between Carmen's disappearance, the changing climate, and the two mysterious newcomers to the island, each with a strange interest in Milagros' apprentice.

Discover the truth behind the chupacabra's returns in The Un-Familiar, now available from Casperian Books and through most online booksellers. All proceeds from sales of The Un-Familiar will be donated to animal rescue organizations in the Caribbean. Lynne is available for interviews, book readings and signings, and book club appearances locally, and via Skype, phone, or other online venues.

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Lynne M Hinkey

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