Test Chamber: Why you need the Benchtop Temperature And Humidity Environmental Test Chamber?

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Small electronic products, electronic components, and materials must be tested with a proper test chamber. This is important to be carried out following the applicable Standard Compliance prior to reaching the market. As an important step in testing electronic components, DGBell, a test chamber manufacturer, provides Benchtop temperature and humidity environmental test chambers that qualify the most Standard Compliance for small electronic products, materials, and components.

Benchtop temperature and humidity environmental test chamber provides a compact footprint and multi-function test performance. The DGBell company Manager said its benchtop temperature and humidity environmental test chamber could simulate temperature and humidity environment conditions.

"Our products are the primary choice for laboratory environment experimental equipment that qualify for IEC and MIL Standard." The following standards are applicable for this DGBell small environmental test chamber. They include IEC 68-2-1 Test A: Low-temperature test method, IEC 68-2-2 Test B: High-temperature test method, IEC 68-2-3 Test CA: Constant damp heat test method, IEC 68-2-30 Test CB: Alternating damp heat test method, IEC 68-2-14 Test NB: Temperature cycling test method, MIL-STD-810D High-temperature test method, MIL-STD-810D Low-temperature test method, and MIL-STD-810D Damp heat test method.

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DGBell's benchtop environmental test chamber provides many features such as made with high quality & durable materials, great appearance, and the temperature and humidity can be adjusted per requirements. According to the company manager, DGBell's benchtop environmental test chamber inner tank is made of stainless steel, while the outer shell is made of an imported steel plate. Additionally, the sealing strip in the chamber is made of high-quality imported high temperature and low-temperature resistant silicone rubber. As a result, it has excellent sealing and insulation functions during the test. The DGBell environmental test chamber also uses air circulation to maintain the temperature's consistency in the operating room. The experimental samples will not be directly radiated by the heating and cooling elements in the test chamber. And eventually, DGBell environmental test chamber is safe for the environment as the characteristics are suitable for the environmental test chamber.

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About DGBell

DGBell is an environmental test chamber manufacturer and battery testing equipment supplier that qualifies with recent Standard Compliances. The company has been over 15 years, providing test equipment for worldwide companies. For more information about the DGBell environmental test chamber, please visit https://belltestchamber.com/environmental-chamber/desktop-environmental-climatic-temperature-test-chamber.

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