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Technical Writer Turns the Tables and Launches Writing Classes for Software Engineers

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Robin G. Coles Teaches the Art of Writing Meaningful Technical Content to Save Companies Time and Money

ORLANDO, Fla. - Amzeal -- After 15 years of experience as an expert technical writer and 30 years working in software, Robin G. Coles launches her new Collaborative Writing Classes for businesses to teach software engineers how to break down a complex subject and write for any audience; with their non-technical co-workers in mind. Classes are available on an as-needed contract basis and run onsite for a half-day or full-day. A second day is available for anyone who wants to work on writing their book. To book your onsite writing course, visit www.RobinGColes.com/writing-classes/workshops.

"Most documentation I've seen uses too much jargon," says Coles. "It makes reading difficult for non-techies to understand or follow along. One of the first things I do is go through the documentation and pull out all the jargon and abbreviations. Then, I put together a glossary inside the updated document. This way, anyone can pick up the document and comprehend it."

Years ago, as a sought-after database developer, Coles realized most software engineers don't write notes (comments) inside their code. This makes it difficult for the next person coming along to make updates. It also costs the company time and money.

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Coles says, "With the onset of Agile, AI, APIs and chat bots, I see this service even more necessary than say five years ago. Lately, I see lots of job descriptions that use the following words:

♦  Ensure voice and style consistent across all platforms.
♦  Ability to learn and master complex concepts sufficiently to translate them into effective content.
♦  Be able to translate technical terms that any reader can understand.
♦  Use simple language or define technical terms
♦  Break complex information into understandable chunks.

This is exactly why Coles' classes are different. "Through the use of improv," says Coles, "I teach others how to focus on the other person and react to them. This helps them think differently and concentrate on what others are saying. My class is 95% timed writings. No two writing experiences are alike. This is also good for reports, reviews, FAQs, and now chat bots."

"As someone in the industry for 30+ years," says Coles. "Even I have a hard time deciphering what is being said in a lot of these online helps and chats."

You won't find PowerPoint slides. Nor does she stand in front and lecture. She uses improv, timed writings and participates right alongside her students.

Coles has been surveying exhibitors at various trade shows about her writing classes. "The results are interesting," Coles says. "The baby boomer generation feels these classes are needed."

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For pricing or to book your onsite writing course, visit https://RobinGColes.com/writing-classes/workshops or call 339-532-8334.

About Robin G. Coles
Robin G Coles is a strategist, technical copy writer and trainer who works with Information Technology and Maritime Companies.  She's worked the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) at leading IT companies (Honeywell, IBM, Verizon, MorphoTrust and Poly). Her passion in boating gave her assignments in writing about over 300 marinas in the US and abroad. Plus writing about subject matter experts in the industry. She's the author of the series "Boating Secrets: 127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and Enjoy Your Boat."

Website:  https://RobinGColes.com
LinkedIn:  https://linkedin.com/in/robingcoles
Twitter:     https://twitter.com/rgcoles

Robin G. Coles: Technical Writer and Trainer

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