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Tech Blurbs: Hijacking the Web, Trump Signs Cybersecurity Bill, 26M Texts Exposed in Breach + more

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NEW YORK - Nov. 17, 2018 - Amzeal -- It's not rocket science. The Internet is vulnerable to manipulation by countries like Russia and China who can redirect web traffic thanks to simple protocols that weren't built with rigorous security in mind. But this sort of attack isn't just about gleaning valuable information; it's also about sowing distrust.

The stakes in cybersecurity are super high, so you need to stay informed. Luckily, you don't have to to spend all day surfing because blurb blast curates, parses and posts the latest Tech, Digital, Security, Cloud, Code, Big Data, Internet, Hacker, Software, Crypto, BlockChain, and Gaming news from 150+ sources via real-time feeds, and also publishes "Monkey Sort", a daily, downloadable newsletter.

Today's highlighted blurbs include:

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• Hijacking the Internet Is Far Too Easy
• Trump signs bill cementing cybersecurity agency at DHS
• Why NYC is the new big data hotbed for VCs
• 26M Texts Exposed in Poorly Secured Vovox Database
• If I see you holding a gun on Tinder, I'm swiping left
• The bots of the future are going to use our own metadata to seem more human

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