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Synchrono Sees Digitized Connected Shop Floor as Important 2018 Trend

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Synchrono Sees Digitized Connected Shop Floor as Important 2018 Trend

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Feb. 13, 2018 - Amzeal -- Synchrono, a leader in modern demand-driven manufacturing software, released its 2018 Top Ten Trends in Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing. One of the 2018 trends is the digitized, connected shop floor.

Manufacturers believe in the power of technology, but need specific, relevant reasons to invest. Demand-DrivenManufacturingandcapabilitiessuchasthosefoundina Manufacturing System of Record (MSOR)aregivingmanufacturersthatreason.Insteadofcollectingdatafordata'ssake,theMSORcurates'datafrommultiplesourcesthenservesitupinwaysthathelpthemanufacturerachievegoalsthataremeaningfultothemsuchaspredictivemaintenance,managingconstraints,reducingleadtimesandimprovinginventoryflow.Asaresult,we'reseeingnewintelligentdevicesspringingupallovertheshopfloor.

Intelligent devices are not only making it easier to gather much-needed data, but they are also improving the productivity of individual workers on the shop floor. For example, instead of requiring a work center operator to decipher a spreadsheet-based production schedule (that is probably out-of-date within minutes of being released) and then adjusting work accordingly, an MSOR can dynamically adjust production schedules to reflect up-to-the-minute information on orders, delivery schedules and production flow.

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About Synchrono

Synchrono (www.synchrono.com) demand-driven manufacturing software synchronizes complex manufacturing environments in real-time, to drive business results. For almost twenty years, Synchrono systems have helped discrete manufacturers, engineer-to-order manufacturers, and others manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time production.

The award winning Synchrono offers five system components, including a planning, scheduling, and production management system and ekanban software for real-time inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration. The Synchrono Platform has a unique a data collection, historian, and automated workflow engine along with an application that generates automatic alerts, escalation and action plans to minimize disruptions. Perhaps most importantly, this technology platform also includes a real-time visual factory information system.

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Synchrono systems allow for the simultaneous exchange of data across systems and resources, the ability to respond to constraints and changes in demand as they occur, and to predict, pre-empt, and prioritize issues.  The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Synchrono delivers a competitive edge. Follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at www.synchrono.com/blog and follow Synchrono on Twitter at @Synchrono_News.

Pam Bednar
VP of Marketing

Source: Synchrono
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