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Streetwise Artificial Intelligence Technology (SAIT) to be used by iTV IP owner Mind Taffy Design

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The SAIT is gaining momentum due to its synergetic reach in the digital world!

RICHMOND, Calif. - Feb. 14, 2019 - Amzeal -- iTVtext.com (related communication AppSites for use with Streetsmart Dictionary)

Mind Taffy Design, CEO Wallace Jackson say's, The area of communication is one of the main uses of consumer electronics devices today. This is why we are positioning the largest, most feature-filled and affordable consumer electronics device the Interactive Television Set, or iTV Set (less than a hundred dollars at Wal-Mart) for text and voice communication using the iTVtext.com, iTVcall.com, iTVvoice.com, iTVspeak.com, iTVsms.com, iTVirc.com, and iTVtexting.com domains.
The largest companies in the world are involved with voice recognition, with virtual assistants including: Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), Amazon (Alexa), Google (Google Assistant), Samsung (Bixby), Android and/or iOS (Clova), with more to come as time goes on and voice-command devices continue to sell rapidly. We might even coin our own virtual assistant name for iTVvoice.com in the near future. Possibly using an iTV contest or Game to allow the public to develop the virtual assistant name itself!

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We are working with the Slang API and Database, patented by Hip-Hop Producer Reggie Simmons, to allow individuals to engage in communication (voice or text) using urban slang. This opens up the door for edutainment content and game apps to be integrated into our websites, to make them fun to use, while also being functional.
We will utilize ECMAScript open source APIs for Texting (SMS or Short Message Service) and Voice (IRC or Internet Relay Chat), while accessing the Streetsmart AI Technology (SAIT) via an API to translate simple English terms (Car, Auto, Automobile, etc.) into Urban Slang terms (Ride, Wheels, etc.) to allow different cultures to either communicate with each other, or to learn each other's linguistic terminology.
The large (and affordable, at $250 to $500) iTV screens and 24-bit Theater-Quality HD Audio featured in iTV Set devices, make them the perfect fit for this purpose, as they are 55 to 75 inches in size (5 to 7 feet diagonal), and are easily readable, and found in every home, many times in every room of the home.
The reason that SAIT is targeting Interactive (Non0Linear) Television instead of Linear (Streaming) Television is due to the interactive nature of the Streetsmart AI Technology, as using the SAIT in "Normal" or Linear Content would not showcase what is unique about the translation technology. In fact, viewers would not even know that it was used at all, as actors would be voicing the translations themselves to avoid lip-syncing post-production overhead. What is special about SAIT is that it functions in real-time, interactively with the user, translating any words that they use into the proper cultural usage.

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Another reason we are utilizing the new iTV Set devices and iTV content delivery technology is that it is host to so many unique uses for the SAIT, including not only Virtual Assistants, but also iTV Shows, Games, eBooks, Applications, VR, MR, AR, XR, SR, Albums, Websites and any other Non-Streaming (Client-Side Rendered) Interactive Entertainment Deliverables which are under-served in today's consumer electronics infrastructure.
iTV technology works on all other consumer electronics devices including smartphones, tablets, eBook Readers, Game Consoles, PCs, Laptops, NetBooks, and similar devices which are used to play popular streaming content, and which thus use popular iTV resolutions (Blu-Ray 1280 by 720p, HD 1920 by 1080p and 4K 3840 by 2160p).

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