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The newest discovery of the FIBEG Research Center – The revival of paradise on earth, the flowering and blooming Pleistocene by Slothy Soil. Enables lovers of paleo-food to do paleo-gardening.

FRANKFURT, Germany - Dec. 1, 2016 - Amzeal -- FIBEG Research Center (Germany) presents Slothy Soil as a crowdfunding project on The project can be supported from 12/01/2016 to 12/30/2016. Supporters will get bags of Slothy Soil as a reward. Link to the project:

Our Earth, during the Pleistocene, provided food for the gigantic herds of mega herbivores like the mammoth, woolly rhinos and the Megatherium (the giant sloth). The soil was rich and fertilized by the droppings of these mega-mammals – a paradise until the time humans started to dwell in these territories. As a result, the mega-mammals became extinct, ending the natural process of fertilizing. The green and fertile land with unlimited powers of self-regeneration ended when this fauna was gone. The soil was of lower quality forever after. Woodlands started to grow and the world changed its look.

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Now we have found a way to bring this paradise on earth back to life. You do the planting and the watering; Slothy Soil does everything else. After planting, you can lean back like a sloth and wait for the harvest. That's why we chose the sloth as the character for our logo, as the giant ground-sloth was one of the inhabitants of this flowering and blooming Pleistocene that ended 10,000 years ago.

Slothy Soil is a new gardening earth based on organic components. The fertilizer used is 100% organic and is manufactured in Germany. Produced by a new method, it allows the plant to feed from the soil without any additional fertilizer for a complete growing cycle and achieves the best harvest possible.

The organic nutrient is embedded in the soil so it cannot be washed out by water anymore. Only the plants growing on the soil can actively consume the nutrient with help from the microorganisms that inhabit any wholesome soil. With this ready-made soil you don't have to think about anything. Just plant your plants and take care that your plants get water and enough light. Nature and Slothy Soil will do the rest. Slothy Soil is super easy to use. So even people with little spare time can have nice plants.

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Slothy Soil is suitable for hobby gardens and professional agriculture. It helps to reduce the nitrate load on the groundwater since the fertilizer cannot be washed out of the substrate. With Slothy Soil, everyone can achieve the best gardening results and have the most beautiful plants. Successful gardening and being lazy like a Sloth at the same time.

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