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Second Issue of Communications of the Blyth Institute Released

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TULSA, Okla. - Amzeal -- The Blyth Institute is pleased to announce the second issue of our journal, Communications of the Blyth Institute.  This is an interdisciplinary journal of mathematics, science, and philosophy.  The newly released issue focuses on philosophy of science issues.

Issue Contents:

• The Consciousness Unit (CU) Model - a new approach to modeling consciousness in psychology
• Generalized Information - a quantitative look at generalizations and what it means for machine learning
• The Random Design Argument - an examination of historically important, but problematic, null hypotheses
• Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't - an examination of problematic dilemmas in science education
• An Attributalistic Theory of Truth - a look into different ways of understanding truth
• Exploring Alternate Notations for Partial Differentials - looking at new notations for partial derivatives to match other recent notational advances

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• The Unlearnable Checkerboard Pattern - a look into a problem that is surprisingly difficult for machine learning algorithms
• The Possibility of Spontaneous Generation of Self-Replicating Systems - a look at the minimal requirements for self-replication from an information theory standpoint
• Book Review: On the Origin of Consciousness
• News

Communications of the Blyth Institute continues to attract high-quality research and innovative ideas in several fields of inquiry.  The website for the journal can be found at:


More information about The Blyth Institute can be found at:


Jonathan Bartlett

Source: The Blyth Institute
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