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Search Engine Archiving The Internet's Foulest Speakers

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A new niche search engine is crawling some of the darkest corners of the internet and archiving its contents

PORTLAND, Ore. - Amzeal -- A niche search engine is aggregating the work of the internet's foulest speakers and archiving it in a format that begs users to remain skeptical. FoulSpeakers.com uses modern scraping techniques to crawl some of the darkest corners of the internet. Websites infested with consumer complaints, cheater reports, catfish, police informants, cyber bullies, gossip, and other forms of negative information.

Foul Speakers uses several scraping techniques ranging from primitive PHP cURL scripts to Google's state of the art Puppeteer library for Node. The first version went live in November of 2019. That version used auto-blogging software to aggregate content from RSS feeds made available by source websites. Unfortunately, RSS has fallen out of favor with developers in recent years, so the next version used cURL to parse links from source code and copied source code from those links. Unfortunately, javascript has surged in popularity among developers in recent years and cURL cannot execute javascript. Fortunately, Google released Puppeteer which provides a high-level API for controlling headless Chrome. In layman's speak that means that Puppeteer permits Foul Speakers to parse entire web pages including javascript using Google Chrome. This allows Foul Speakers to take full page screenshots of source material while copying main text elements.

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Many websites crawled by Foul Speakers have gone offline in recent months. The most common type of website to go down has been cheater reporting websites. Websites where vengeful former lovers go to expose those that cheated on them. Foul Speakers is not sure why so many cheater websites pop up and disappear so fast, but thanks to Foul Speakers the work of their users lives on with a sort of Wayback Machine for negative content.

Foul Speakers is quickly becoming the internet's centralized source for up-to-date negative information about people and businesses. If you would like to know if you or anyone you know has been the target of a vengeful nemesis simply visit FoulSpeakers.com and type in a name.

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