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Save Wildlife and Prevent Climate Change While Earning Passive Income Through the Chimpzee Ecosystem

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The Chimpzee ecosystem allows all users to earn a passive income while helping to combat climate change and save wildlife.

LONDON - Amzeal -- The Web3 sector has birthed countless projects, from in-depth metaverses all the way to move-to-earn fitness lifestyle applications. However, the industry has so much more potential, with the ability to make positive contributions to the world if implemented correctly.

Chimpzee is on a mission to prove to everybody that Web3 can be utilized for the greater good while providing earning potential for users at the same time. The project combines play-to-earn with shop-to-earn and trade-to-earn to create a complete ecosystem that generates revenue for users and charities.

If you've ever wanted to earn a passive income while simultaneously saving animals and preventing climate change, then the Chimpzee ecosystem is your first-ever opportunity.

By now, we are all well aware of deforestation's impact on climate change and endangered species. Many animal and plant species are in danger of becoming totally extinct through human-driven deforestation. According to the World Economic Forum, nearly one million animal and plant species are now at risk of extinction - which is made continuously worse through climate change.

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At this stage, this should be humanity's number one priority, and this is where Chimpzee comes into play with 10% of the total coin supply reserved for charity.

The presale for the CHMPZ coin is almost upon us as it launches in less than a week on March 20. In total, there will be 40 billion CHMPZ tokens up for grabs in the presale. Stage 1 will sell 2000 CHMPZ for 1 USDT. The price will increase to selling 1429 CHMPZ for 1 USDT in stage 2 and will keep increasing all the way through to stage 4, which will sell 909 CHMPZ for 1 USDT.

Those that purchase CHMPZ coins in the first stage of the presale will pay the lowest price for the tokens. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to buy a Chimpzee Diamond NFT Passport, which provides the highest amount of benefits and rewards, with a staking APY set at 20%.

Overall, Chimpzee will create a fantastic ecosystem that will benefit all parties involved, including charitable organizations. The self-contained platform will allow users to contribute to the Chimpzee ecosystem while helping push the world into a brighter future.

Visit the CHIMPZEE Presale Website (https://www.chimpzee.io/) for further information.

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