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Sacred Toad Sacraments Hosted by Spirit of Truth Native American Church

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Spirit of Truth Native American Church is a Federally-Recognized 501 c 3 hosting Sacred Toad or Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies in Alabama. Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida Residents Sit in Sacred Circle and Heal Together in SPIRIT.

WETUMPKA, Ala. - Amzeal -- Ministers Matthew "Fisher of Men" and Lauren " Golden Leaf" praise and worship and give all glory to their LORD and Savior Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, his Wife. They also believe in CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Enlightenment, The Great Physician, Holy Spirit, The Great Spirit. They live The Sacred Way, honoring Spirit, others and their own temples. They believe we are a perfect creation created by our perfect Creator, that every moment of our life is designed to bring us to The Sacred Way. Matthew "Fisher of Men" once with stage III Lymphoma whole-heartedly believes that the plants allow Spirit to enter into our hearts and begin revealing itself to us. Christian churches would say that Jesus come into our hearts and begins to change us from within. These Ministers believe there is also a role for us to play, far beyond going to church service on Sunday or once a year on Easter. They believe that the through plant medicines, daily prayer, meditation, yoga and Sacred Sacraments, a relationship with SPIRIT is developed and lives are radically transformed. For more information about Spirit of Truth NAC in Wetumpka, AL please visit https://KamboDetoxNearMe.com

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Spirit of Truth NAC in Wetumpka believes that each one of us is child of GOD, made perfect, living a perfect life and walk towards our individual and global Great Awakening. They believe that SPIRIT has been with us, every thought, every feeling, every action, always with us, always guiding us. They believe the Kingdom of GOD is within and SPIRIT through the Sacred Sacraments awaken us to all that is within us. They believe that there is no shame, guilt, remorse, or trauma that can not be healed and forgiven and then shared to help someone else who needs to hear how they did they it. There is power in Prayer, power in Meditation, and power in an Overcomers Testimony.

For more information about Religious Ceremonies, please visit https://kambodetoxnearme.com/spirit-of-truth-native-american-church/

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