Rockerbox Announces Measurement Integration with TikTok, Unveiling TikTok's Impact on Revenue

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NEW YORK - Amzeal -- Rockerbox is announcing an integration with TikTok to help make measuring and showing the impact of advertisers' TikTok campaigns easier and more effective. Now, Rockerbox customers can see the impact of their TikTok ad video views and visibility on sales and revenue performance.

Nearly 5 million businesses in the US leverage the platform to reach and engage with TikTok's 1 billion global monthly active users, who come to TikTok to be entertained as they learn, shop, and discover something new. To help tap into the potential of TikTok's highly engaged audience, this new TikTok integration allows advertisers to leverage Rockerbox's measurement platform to see the impact all user interactions on TikTok have on the bottom line—conversions and revenue.

The integration helps B2C advertisers see the full impact of their TikTok advertising by showing the impact not only of TikTok clicks, but also views on content. Measuring views is pivotal to understanding TikTok's full impact on advertisers' campaigns. Through this update, brands can now measure TikTok's uniquely effective role in their customers' path to purchase, justifying greater time and investments in the platform.

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In a series of initial tests conducted by Rockerbox, the results spoke volumes. Advertisers saw up to a 6x increase in conversions and 75% improvement in CPA with the TikTok integration (compared to relying solely on click-based metrics).

For brands like TULA, a beauty and skincare company, Rockerbox was integral to understanding their performance on TikTok: "At TULA we are a digital native, social first brand. TikTok became a huge priority for us when it began to pick up traction, but we lacked visibility into the effectiveness of our campaigns. Now with the integration between Rockerbox and TikTok, our insight into the platform has improved so dramatically that our ROAS jumped up over 5x from what it was historically—which is huge," said TULA Director of Growth Marketing, Caroline Valenzano. "Rockerbox is our source of truth, and at the forefront of our media decisions. The integration with TikTok gives us so much more confidence and clarity. Before this integration, we were optimizing blindly and now we have eyes to see the path forward."

Beyond providing insight into TikTok's impact on revenue, Rockerbox's platform goes the extra mile by helping marketers understand TikTok's role within the broader marketing funnel. This encompasses discerning which tactics on TikTok work best as top, middle, or bottom-of-funnel tactics, assessing its comparative impact on conversions in relation to other marketing channels, and exploring the dynamics of new versus returning user engagement with TikTok ads, among other insights. This ability unlocks even more numbers highlighting TikTok's unique impact on business. For example, based on customer data, nearly 60% of brands using Rockerbox to measure TikTok are seeing new total customer acquisition costs lower than other digital platforms.

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"We're thrilled to be able to partner with TikTok on this expanded integration. TikTok's impact on the advertising world is undeniable, and it's an honor to be able to provide this level of visibility into the platform's performance," said Ron Jacobson, Rockerbox CEO and Co-founder. "I'm excited to see where we go with this partnership and how many other B2C brands we're able to help with this new level of analytics insight."

Don't miss your chance to experience this integration firsthand. Reach out to Rockerbox today for a one-on-one demo.

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Rockerbox offers targeted solutions for marketers that need to centralize their marketing and spend data, gain greater understanding of the customer journey, create data-backed marketing budgets, and optimize their channels on a daily basis.

Ashley McAlpin, Head of Marketing at Rockerbox

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