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Reminder from PlayerAuctions': Path of Exile: Incursion to be Released on June 1

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The next Path of Exile expansion, Incursion, will be released on June 1 this year. It will feature a new league with a new format, a new dungeon called Temple of Atzoatl, skill revamps, and new skills.

LOS ANGELES - May 25, 2018 - Amzeal -- Path of Exile will have a new expansion entitled Incursion. Its challenge league combines elements of temple exploration and time travel, as players who will be taking it on will be able to randomly find all around Wraeclast portals. These portals that will take players to temporal incursions set in rooms during the time when the Temple of Atzoatl was still under construction. Players will only have ten seconds to explore a room but will be able to extend that time for killing Vaal.

Upon entering all 11 of them, Alva Valai will be able to determine the temple's location in the present-day. Just like in fictional works where time travel is involved, how good you are in slaying Vaal and the type of Vaal that you will slay will determine the temple rooms' level of difficulty and reward, as well as their looks and purpose in the present. Finally, if you open enough rooms and the right doorways and passages, you'll be able to enter the temple boss's room.

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On another note, a good number of skills will receive a revamp for Incursion. The focus, however, would be on Vaal skills. Soul costs will be reduced, unpopular Vaal skills will be buffed, and Vaal skills will also grant the non-Vaal equivalent included in the support gems. There will also be new six new Vaal skills. As for non-Vaal skills, there will be five new trap skills, and Incinerate, Rain of Arrows, Infernal Blow, Cold Snap, Charged Dash, Double Strike, Lacerate, Ground Slam, and Power Siphon will be reworked to make them more effective.

The expansion will be released on June 1, 2018.

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