Protect yourself with The Peacemaker… once a gun, now an app

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BLACKPOOL, England - Feb. 21, 2018 - Amzeal -- We've all been there.

Getting accused of something you didn't do or blamed for damage you didn't cause - usually with a cost attached.

Hire cars, building works, insurance claims, accidents, mistakes and rip-offs… they can all end up badly for no fault of your own.

In the wild west disputes were resolved using Colt .45 revolver known as The Peacemaker. Now there is a new Peacemaker, only this time it's an app.

My-Proof creates, sends and securely stores video-based reports with just three clicks.

Each report shows the video, a location map, sender details and a time & date stamp. All the proof you need.

Reports are encrypted so they cannot be edited or tampered-with, and the service always works even where there is no network.

"It happens to tradespeople, businesses and consumers", said founder Tod Yeadon, "you can lose-out in a dispute despite being in the right, because it's their word against yours and without proof, you can't win. Even if you take an ordinary video or photos there is insufficient detail the authenticity can be challenged."

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"The good news is that now you can create the proof you need, quickly and easily. So when the unexpected happens, just make a quick report and you're covered."

For tradespeople and small businesses, it can save a fortune. Commercial disputes cost small businesses in England £11.6bn a year, according to a report in December 2016 by the Federation of Small Business (FSB). In a survey of its members, the FSB found that 70% had encountered at least one dispute between 2010 and 2015. Almost three quarters of these resulted in late or non-payment.

"The suggestion is to take a report before the start of every job, and another at the end, to show any pre-existing conditions and to prove successful completion", said Yeadon.

And for consumers?

"You know when you need it", he continued, "a hire car with a scratch, builders leaving an unfinished job, an insurance claim…. You just know. But until now, you couldn't fully protect yourself against a dispute."

So if you want to protect yourself from disputes, carry The Peacemaker… just like they did in the wild west.

Pam Robson

Source: My Proof
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