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Professional & affordable security service with Technologies Hive

All services including penetration testing, source code audit or assistance in any kind of security compliance audit preparation executed by certified experts with great background and experience in the field of information security.

MCKINNEY, Texas - Oct. 12, 2017 - Amzeal -- Nowadays and even in near future security services including penetration testing will continue to be the fastest growing segment, especially if talk about information technologies outsourcing, consulting and implementation services.

From publicly available statistics and reports we can make conclusion that spendings on information security products will grow ($86.4 billion in 2017 and $93 billion in 2018 accodrding to forecast from Gartner).

However, improving security is not just about spending on new technologies. As seen in the recent state of global security events, doing the basics right has never been more important.

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Organizations can improve their security posture significantly just by addressing basic security and risk related hygiene elements like threat centric vulnerability management, centralized log management, internal network segmentation, backups and system hardening. Not worth to mention such kind of security services like penetration testing and applications source code audit.

Technologies Hive Information Security services are aimed at helping companies overcome hurdles by enabling them to identify, understand, and resolve information security issues that may be putting the organization and its valued assets at risk.

More about our penetration testing services you can find here https://technologieshive.com/penetration-testing/

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