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PriviNet Partners with University of New Mexico to Revolutionize IoT and AI Innovation with Cutting-Edge SkyyeWave Technology

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SAN FRANCISCO - Amzeal -- PriviNet, a trailblazer in IoT and AI technologies, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with the University of New Mexico (UNM). This strategic alliance leverages UNM's unparalleled academic expertise and research capabilities, propelling PriviNet's revolutionary SkyyeWave technology to the forefront of IoT innovation.

Revolutionary Collaboration to Propel IoT and AI Forward

PriviNet's SkyyeWave technology represents a significant leap in IoT connectivity, offering long-range communication, low power consumption, and robust data integrity. This partnership with UNM integrates academic research with PriviNet's cutting-edge technology, accelerating the development of transformative IoT solutions.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration:
  • Harnessing Academic Prowess: Utilize UNM's research capabilities to enhance product development.
  • Accelerating Technological Breakthroughs: Fast-track innovation to bring revolutionary IoT and AI solutions to market.
  • Synergizing Industry and Academia: Create synergy between academic research and industry application, driving groundbreaking advancements.

Why SkyyeWave Technology is a Game-Changer

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SkyyeWave technology stands out due to its long-range connectivity, low power consumption, and advanced data management capabilities. It integrates LPWAN principles with data fragmentation, sharding, and compression techniques, ensuring efficient data transmission even in challenging environments. Key features include:
  • Extended Range: Connectivity over vast distances, ideal for remote deployments.
  • Low Power Consumption: Optimized for minimal power usage, extending device life.
  • Robust Data Transmission: Advanced signal processing and error correction maintain data integrity.
  • AI-Driven Optimization: AI algorithms ensure efficient data routing and real-time network optimization.
  • Mesh Networking Integration: Enhances coverage and reliability through dynamic routing and redundancy.

Focus of the Collaboration

The collaboration with UNM will integrate PriviNet's AI-driven SkyyeWave technology into various IoT applications, especially resource-constrained environments. The research aims to enhance data transmission efficiency, develop AI models for real-time data analysis, and optimize network performance in challenging conditions. This partnership expects significant advancements in environmental monitoring, smart cities, and industrial automation.

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Quotes from Leadership

"This partnership is not just about funding; it's about the potential impact we at PriviNet aspire to make in the IoT and AI industrial space through the US and global markets. By combining our strengths with UNM's research capabilities, we can lead the future of IoT and AI technologies," said Dr. Sisay Tadese Arzo, Head of Skyye Labs.

About PriviNet: PriviNet specializes in developing cutting-edge IoT and AI solutions. Their flagship products, SkyyeWave and Skyye AI, offer robust, reliable, and efficient data communication and processing, particularly suited for environmental monitoring, smart cities, and industrial automation. PriviNet's innovative technologies ensure seamless data transmission, low power consumption, and enhanced data integrity, making them ideal for remote and challenging environments.

Media Contact
Jenny Lopez
Public Relations Department

Source: PriviNet, Inc.

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