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Private Investors Gaining Access to the CRM Data and Key Information from New Private Revenue Clouds

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NEW YORK - Amzeal -- "Even sophisticated VCs don't have this level of visibility into the operating health of their portfolio companies' revenue engines." - Matt McDonagh

RevSystems, LLC is a New York City based Cloud Architecture and Software Engineering firm created by Wall Street Alumni Matt McDonagh.

"After I left banking I focused entirely on launching our machine learning investment selection long/short equity fund, Throne Capital, with 3 incredible partners"

"They weren't just partners they were mentors and I still benefit from their counsel and support today" Matt shared at SALT last week in New York City

Machine learning plays a starring role in RevSystems, with 3 principal applications:

1) Induction algorithms "learn" how effective/engaged revenue teams are by studying the relationships between activities and revenue outcomes

2) Multivariate polynomial regression forecasts pipeline generation, development & retention -- leveraging the learnings from induced ML + revenue data fusion

3) Support vector machines predict which reps & regions are likely to meet their quotas

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Fusing together disparate data silos, and then harnessing this unified and normalized data to drive ML forecasting and analytics is at the heart of RevSystems' value to Operators and Investors.

"The road to revenue victory is simple but not easy. Logistically position your revenue teams for success. Support them with realtime revenue intelligence. Layer insights from multiple data sources to ensure revenue engine efficiency." Matt shared with the group

"ML models constantly scouring your realtime revenue engine data to provide up-to-the-penny forecasts for P&L implications.... we have delivered this and more with RevSystems"

RevSystems is a cloud-based cluster of applications and databases that Matt custom engineers and delivers to each client.

Visit https://revsystems.ai to learn more now.

About RevSystems, LLC

RevSystems, LLC is the leading revenue performance software development company. RevSystems unleashes induced machine learning, python-driven exploratory data analysis, and sensor technologies to optimize revenue command and control capabilities.

RevSystems provides Secure Revenue Cloud architecture, engineering & development.

Matt McDonagh
RevSystems Founder

Source: RevSystems, LLC
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