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POSITIVITY - A Game of Transformation

Which would you rather have a positive: beautiful life or a negative, stressful life?

WELLESLEY, Mass. - May 22, 2018 - Amzeal -- POSITIVITY

A Game of Transformation

Players score:



Your objective is to achieve a positive score of 100 points or more by the end of each day. How the score is kept is not important; the main objective is that players achieve a transformation from a "stressed" state of being to a "beautiful life" state of being.

Transform your perceptions and reactions from a mindless state of negativity to a mind-full state of positivity. No longer discouraged and defeated by seeing the glass as half empty, now transformed, you will be encouraged and celebrating the glass half full.

By making the conscious choice to have a positive beautiful life, you will naturally look for and almost always find something positive in all the experiences that you encounter, observations that you make and interactions that you have during the day.

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Mindfully you will seek to find the good in the people, places and things that you interact with.

'Having a positive outlook on life will be your default state of being'.

What we practice grows stronger.
If you practice being negative, critical and judgmental you will become more negative, critical and judgmental. And, consequentially, your pain and shame will grow.
If you practice being positive, loving and accepting you will become more positive, loving and accepting.
Your love and kindness will grow. Your relationships will be more positive, loving and fulfilling.

When you are feeling upset, worried, angry, judgmental, or critical, stop; identify your thoughts and feelings, then consciously replace the negative thoughts and feelings with a mind-full exercise in order to bring you back to a calm, peaceful state of mind.

POSITIVITY is a transformative game that helps players achieve a more positive, beautiful life. Transformation is possible, there is hope, but it is not achieved through wishful thinking or idleness - it takes a lot of practice and conscious effort.

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POSITIVITY asks the question "Which would you rather have a positive: beautiful life or a negative, stressful life?"

POSITIVITY encourages you to seek out and create for yourself, a positive, beautiful life and offers a mindfulness game to help to achieve this goal.

Research and resource videos:
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