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GameFi has ascended to new heights of epic proportions. Polemos, the divine embodiment of war, is now officially Partners with Shrapnel, the first blockchain, AAA, First Person Shooter in the Web3 space.

SEATTLE - Amzeal -- Our mission at Polemos is to provide a GameFi Hub that equips our community with the resources, tools, and access needed to enjoy an elevated blockchain gaming experience. We are elated to announce our Partnership with Shrapnel, the first AAA, first-person shooter, blockchain game. The Shrapnel team comprises award-winning industry veterans who know our industry, our community, and how to create exceptional games. We are excited and honored to add them to our partnership list and welcome them to the Polemos Community.

Shrapnel is brought to you by some serious heavyweights of the entertainment industry, toting an impressive resume of hits in video games, movies, television, and graphic novels. Does Halo sound familiar? What about Call of Duty? Star Wars and Westworld ring a bell? The Shrapnel team has talent that produces only the best, and this AAA title is no exception.

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In the not-too-distant year 2038, Earth has become a war-torn wasteland after a catastrophic bombardment of lunar meteorites, leaving an abandoned stretch of devastation known as the Sacrifice Zone. A group of paramilitary contractors who patrol this zone soon transform into ruthless mercenaries after the discovery of Shrapnel — birthing the Mercenary Extraction Force (MEF). Choose an Operator from the MEF that best suits your ideal gameplay experience: Assault, Infosec, or Survivalist.

Legendary, Epic, and Rare Operators have their own additional perks to benefit players in the Shrapnel Universe. Unlock each Operator's comic, unique communication channels, exclusive access to early-release production elements, and much more on the horizon. The more Operators you collect, the more in-depth your Shrapnel experience becomes.

Stake your flag in the victory of Shrapnel. The SHRAP token will be released as an ERC-20 token and deployed on the Avalanche blockchain shortly after that.

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A gas tax is a common woe to plague the GameFi space — Shrapnel provides a gasless experience through validators in the subnet. The money you make is yours to keep, with no surprise fees!

Play, build, or both — Shrapnel offers seemingly endless opportunities to make this revolutionary experience uniquely yours. Skill is highly rewarded in this high-octane, extraction style FPS. Strategy is key to reaping optimal rewards, blending customization, and implementing craftable gear for victory and maximum loadouts.

Polemos is thrilled to see what extraordinary heights this partnership can reach! Players can create their own custom weapon skins to do as they please — use, mint, and sell them on the marketplace. Create your own maps using Shrapnel based maps, or ease yourself into the builder's journey with prefabricated assets. The choice is yours.


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