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Plasma Treatment for Wire Bond Improvement

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Henniker Plasma, a leading manufacturer of plasma surface treatment equipment, presents the latest and most reliable solutions for reducing wire bonding failures.

RUNCORN, U.K. - Amzeal -- Wire bonding is a technique used when creating electrical interconnections between semiconductors, integrated circuits and silicon chips using fine wires. These delicate wires carry the information to the electronic chip.  If they fail, the effectiveness of the interconnections between the electronic parts become compromised. Wire bond failure is a major concern for many semiconductor and electronics manufacturers.

Presence of Contamination is a Common Cause of Wire Bonding Failure

Bond Pad Contamination

Wire bond failure can occur when the fine wire bonds are unable to connect efficiently to a bond pad. Halogen and silicone contamination can cause corrosion and impede adhesion. The formation of corrosion by-products can also become damaging, especially if present at the time of bonding.

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Lead Frame Contamination
The lead frames used in the semiconductor device assembly process need to be completely contaminant free. Contamination on the contact surfaces of lead frames can cause a reduction in the quality and provide insufficient bond formation which ultimately impedes adhesion, resulting in complete failure of the whole integrated circuit.

Plasma Cleaning Solutions
Plasma cleaning is regarded as something of an industry standard for wire bonding, efficiently removing organic contaminants and thin oxide layers under high throughput conditions, quickly, efficiently, and reproducibly, greatly enhancing yield and reducing bond failures.

Henniker Plasma is the leading UK manufacturer of plasma treatment systems for cleaning, surface activation to improve adhesion, and functional nano-scale coating. Henniker's systems are known for their reliability and delivery of ultra-fine surface preparation.

Link to the full PR here > https://plasmatreatment.co.uk/knowledge-base/press-releases/176-plasma-treatment-for-wire-bond-improvement

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