Pewter Pawns Or Charm Bracelets? Custom Gaming Dives into a New Direction as Clients Flaunt Their 521 Promo Pewter Pawns as Jewelry!

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From offering custom opoly fundraising events to custom game design and development, 521 Promo, a leading game design and development company, again comes into the spotlight for their highly aesthetic and appealing pewter pawn designs.

ATLANTA - Amzeal -- 521 Promo is a leading designer and producer of custom opoly and card games ideal for gifts, silent auctions, and fundraisers of large and small scale. Through its strong network of freelance artists and in-house art expertise, the company helps clients achieve their desired design and creative requirements.

In the latest news, 521 Promo came under the limelight for its exquisite and impeccable pewter designs.

From custom board games, and opoly games to Kickstarter manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution, the company has been in the industry for over 10 years. Pawns have pretty much been in existence since the inception of board games. However, the use of pewter for its fabrication started losing its commercial value owing to its weight, cost of manufacturing, and availability of comparatively cheaper items such as plastic.

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However, one of the clients of 521 Promo helped game enthusiasts explore its value who used the pewter pawns created for their opoly game as charms for bracelets. Pewter, a grey alloy of tin with copper and antimony, is a highly malleable material with excellent longevity that has been popularly used in designing chess game pieces.

Being almost universally figurine or theme in design, pewter sets lend themselves well to being painted while allowing the creation of high-quality designs and versatile shapes. Identifying and recognizing the potential of pewter beyond being just a paw, 521 Promo, through its reasonable package plans, fundraising assistance, and highly experienced design team, has made game owners and creators explore its potential.

Some of its use cases include:

➔ Ornaments
➔ Souvenirs, keepsake
➔ Gifting and more

Pewter pawns can be used as a tool for game owners to position themselves as "limited edition" or premier-grade entertainment. 521 Promo has them explore the value of pewter pawns as an excellent tool for marketing.

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Apart from that, the company also offers standard plastic pieces. As the only company in the US producing a single complete custom opoly game, the brand takes pride in its capability of creating the perfect gaming product of any scale.

About 521 Promo:

With 10+ years of experience in the board game industry, 521 Promo is a renowned brand in designing and manufacturing custom games. Set up in Atlanta, Georgia, the company specializes in custom board games, card games, and opoly games across different themes, from galactic battles and superheroes to cute dolls, while offering end-to-end assistance.

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