Petition Launched to Improve Mental Health Care in New Brunswick

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Empowering Licensed Counselling Therapists by Allowing Them to Diagnose and Assess

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick - Amzeal -- A new petition has been launched urging the Government of New Brunswick to enhance mental health care by granting Licensed Counselling Therapists (LCTs) the authority to diagnose mental illnesses and including their therapy services in government-funded health programs.

Licensed Counselling Therapists (LCTs) are highly trained professionals who provide critical mental health services across the province. Despite their extensive training and expertise, LCTs currently lack the legal authority to diagnose mental illnesses, limiting their ability to offer comprehensive care to their clients. This petition seeks to address this gap and improve access to timely and effective mental health treatment for all residents of New Brunswick.

Key Points of the Petition:
  1. Authorize LCTs to Diagnose Mental Illnesses: Granting this authority to LCTs will align New Brunswick with current trends in mental health care, emphasizing early intervention and holistic treatment approaches. It will also reduce the burden on other mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, thereby decreasing wait times and improving access to care.
  2. Include Therapy Services from LCTs in Government-Funded Health Programs: Ensuring that therapy services provided by LCTs are covered under government-funded health programs will make high-quality mental health care accessible to all residents, regardless of their financial situation. This investment in mental health services will improve individual well-being and contribute to the overall health and productivity of the community.

"We believe that these measures are critical steps towards improving mental health care in New Brunswick by empowering Licensed Counselling Therapists and ensuring their services are accessible to everyone, we can enhance the quality of mental health care and support the well-being of our community."

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The petition has garnered significant support from residents across the province who recognize the urgent need for these changes. Supporters are encouraged to visit New Brunswick Therapy ( to sign the petition and learn more about the initiative.

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