Parken Flughafen Dortmund. What does it mean?

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Parken Flughafen Dortmund is a common saying when searching for a sutable parking lot at the airport in Dortmund. Many Germans use it if they decide to go on vacation.

Low-cost airlines easyJet and Ryanair have been taking off from Dortmund Airport for many years, making it easy for many travelers to and from Dortmund to get there cheaply. Today you can fly to over 30 destinations. The trend of cheap flights from Dortmund airport has been firmly rooted for many years.

The traveler wants to save their money. The tourism industry has responded to this in recent years. Hotels offer all-inclusive, low-cost airlines enable you to travel cheaply from your home town to your holiday or business travel destination.

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Many airports have more than just parking spaces at the airport for travelers. So the traveler can save on parking. At Dortmund Airport, vendors advertise for the favor of customers. Most of the parking lots and car parks belong to the airport itself. That doesn't make it easier for the searcher. This is exactly where the travel blog Parkplatzregister comes into play. The parking directory provides a convenient way to find a cheap and cheap parking space for your next trip. You can also compare the performance of the different parking spaces free of charge.

According to Parkplatzregister there are 4 indoor parking spaces at the airport of Dortmund. They are P1, P2, P4 and P5. The most popular is the P5 Dortmund parking space. This parking garage is well lit, inexpensive and monitored by video. The distance to the terminal DTM is about 1 km. P5 is simply recommended. You can park there from 5 euros per day.stats
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