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Orthodontic Treatments – Bringing Teeth into Alignment

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TORONTO - Amzeal -- In the US alone, there are about 4.5 million people who are using braces and other dental appliances, to straighten their teeth and bring them into alignment. An orthodontist is someone who has had more training than a regular dentist and they are able to treat misaligned teeth and malocclusions that are known to cause tooth irregularities and jaw issues.

What Causes Tooth Misalignment

There are certain hereditary factors that come into plat for the cause of misaligned or crooked teeth. Other times there are environmental factors that come into play. For hereditary causes, a person can have malocclusions, crowded teeth, or large gaps between teeth. Environmental causes can include things like tongue thrusting, jaw injuries, and thumb sucking.

Options for Orthodontic treatment

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Misaligned teeth can be treated in three stages.

The first stage is used to make space in the mouth, appliances are used. This can be with lingual bars and palatal extenders.

The second stage is the corrective stage. This is when dental appliances are fixed to the teeth and over time, adjustments are made that will straighten the teeth.

The third stage is the retention/maintenance stage. This is when braces are removed, retainers are made, and used to keep the alignment of the teeth indefinitely.

Read More: https://www.dentalnetwork.ca/blog/dental-care/orthodontic-treatments-bringing-teeth-alignment/

How We Can Help

If you are in need of an orthodontist to align your misaligned teeth, make sure to use our website to find one near you! It's free and super easy to use.

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