Ontuitive Appoints Briana Milligan as Chief Executive Officer

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DENVER - July 17, 2018 - Amzeal -- Ontuitive, a leader in technology-enabled learning services, has appointed Briana Milligan as the new CEO. After taking full advantage of its recent turnaround, Ontuitive has manifested significant growth and is quickly realizing its full potential. Behind this newfound growth is Briana Milligan who took the lead at the start of this turnaround process and has become a vital asset in its fundamental evolution. As such, to ensure Ontuitive's continued success, Briana is repositioned as Ontuitives new Chief Executive Officer.

Also contributing to Ontuitive's driving force is Stage Fund's CEO and Founder, Daniel Frydenlund, who notes "Briana executed flawlessly on this turnaround and will lead the company through the next growth stage as its Chief Executive Officer.  Due to mismanagement by its former leadership, the company faced difficult challenges.  In these cases, leadership either runs for the hills or stands and delivers.  Briana delivered and continued to drive through the roadblocks.  I look forward to assisting her in the future growth of this company."

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Daniel moves on to state "Ontuitive has already completed one acquisition, integration continues for Ontuitive Corporate Classroom, and we are back out on the road looking at additional companies to add into the vibrant corporate learning space." Briana is enthusiastic about the future of Ontuitive, "Ontuitive is no longer just a leader in performance support, but also a leader in LMS. It has been a pleasure working with our customers, building strong partnerships and watching the company prosper. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization". With numerous opportunities upcoming in the coming months, there's no individual better to execute and succeed on them than Briana Milligan as CEO.

More About Stage Fund:

Stage Fund, founded in 2009 by Daniel Frydenlund, is a turnaround and growth private equity firm focused on acquiring controlling interests in companies undergoing change in capital structure, strategy, operations or growth, can benefit from our operational and capital approach and that have reached a point in their lifecycle presenting an opportunity for transformation. Stage Fund is headquartered in Denver with offices in N.Y.C.  http://www.thestagefund.com/

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More About Ontuitive:

Ontuitive, Inc., a technology-enabled learning services company, develops and delivers performance learning solutions that support business processes, IT applications and systems, workplace learning, and organizational knowledge. It offers solutions ranging from customized performance support to off-the-shelf content, business process guidance, contextual application support, and agile lean learning. The company also provides strategic consulting, design and development, implementation, enablement, training, and desk support services. http://www.ontuitive.com/

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