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Nodez: The Affordable and Seamless Smart Home System passes $110K on Kickstarter

Nodez is the IoT device that makes homes go from just smart to truly intelligent. Having launched on Kickstarter on May 1, the Nodez campaign quickly passed its $100K goal.

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - May 15, 2017 - Amzeal -- Manlius, NY - Now there's a smooth way to make everything at home operate with unparalleled ease, thanks to Nodez, a new smart home solution that makes it easy to connect things in the physical world to the internet. Nodez lets users turn their home into a smart home using a single app to control all devices. It consists of eight different node devices and a main hub, allowing users to control, monitor, and automate virtually anything at home or on the go. Affordable, user-friendly, Amazon Alexa-supported, and Bluetooth 5 ready, Nodez is the IoT device that makes homes go from just smart to truly intelligent. Having launched on Kickstarter on May 1, the Nodez campaign quickly passed its $100K goal.

What makes Nodez different from many single function smart devices on the market is its versatility – the eight different nodes can be mounted anywhere around the house and consists of Guard with Carbon -Monoxide and Smoke Sensor, Plug, Socket, Remote, Flood Sensor, OpenClose Sensor, Button, and Ambient Sensor. The different nodes means users can make almost any device "smart"–control lighting, fans, heaters, coffee makers, aquarium pumps or any other device which has a plug and works below 1800W.

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Nodez multiple sensors come together to ensure users are safe in the event of  an emergency. If levels of carbon monoxide levels increase in a bedroom, if there's smoke, or motion in the middle of the night, Nodez Guard flashes its lights, sounds the alarm and sends alerts to the phones of anyone who needs to know. Setup is seamless: users simply take Nodez out from the box, open the user-friendly Nodez app and set it up in seconds. Nodez use NFC Touch-to-pair, with easy setup without disturbing any wiring.

Nodez's Amazon Alexa compatibility means users can control their home with their voice. AES-128-bit military grade encryption, ultra-low power consumption, long battery life (over a year), fee-free for life, and low latency in data transmission are also unique characteristics of Nodez. The uses are virtually endless: turn devices on and off, activate scenarios, arm, disarm or silence alarms, start music, and controls lighting – or even tweet something. From security, to automation and entertainment, Nodez does it all.  Users create new scenarios/automation by either choosing scenarios from a list in the Nodez App, or may create their own, by plugging in non-smart devices to make them smart. Using Nodez is fun, creative and allows more comfort at home than ever – setting up a scenario is simple and requires no technical knowledge.

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"We were well aware of the void in the IoT smart home space for aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced, easy-to-use yet affordable products. This is the need that Nodez will satisfy." says Okan Saracoglu, CTO and co-founder of Nodez.

Nodez was founded in 2016 by Okan Saracoglu and Sait Borlak, Yasin Kaya, and Onur Oktar. A team with several years of experience in the fields of engineering, electronic design, embedded software, hardware debugging, and Internet of Things.

Nodez is available to pre-order exclusively via Kickstarter  until Saturday, June 10, with early bird pricing starting from $196. Campaign page:

For additional information about Nodez please visit our website and follow @nodezinc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

CONTACT: Okan Saracoglu 00905322204834

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