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New Yorkers Are Creating Their Own Sports Book Business After Failed State Legislation

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - Amzeal -- A staggering amount of New Yorkers are creating their own sportsbooks and businesses after a proposed sports betting bill never drew a vote on the state assembly floor. PayPerHead.com, the leading sportsbook software company in the world, is stating that New Yorkers are creating sportsbooks at a staggering pace, citing frustration with local government and legislation.

"New Yorkers are avid sports bettors, and have been waiting for sports betting legislation for quite some time," commented Nate Johnson, Product Manager of PayPerHead.com. "It's no surprise that within the past 48 hours, we've been receiving an increase of calls and leads stemming from New York State."

While many states still neglect introducing legalized sports betting legislation, the industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. It's expected that the sports betting industry will eclipse $155 Billion annually by 2024, and many experts anticipate that number to grow close to $200 Billion by the end of this year.

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"We anticipate that as more states either neglect or fail to pass sports betting legislation, more Americans will be searching to create their own sportsbooks or cross state lines for games," explained Johnson. "The industry is going at breakneck speed, and with legalization already taking hold in specific states, the negative assumptions of sports betting is slowly diminishing."

As more Americans begin investing and starting a sports book businesses, the industry's technology is also changing rapidly. PayPerHead has optimized its services to cater to a mobile experience, allowing their agents to control their sports books from anywhere in the world from their mobile devices.

"Businesses are moving their services and platforms to a mobile-optimized experience, and PayPerHead is leading the industry of creating a mobile experience for our agents to use," concluded Johnson. "Giving our agents the choice of how they run their business and always innovating the industry is why PayPerHead is the leading sportsbook software in the world."

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About PayPerHead.com: PayPerHead (http://payperhead.com), founded in 1997, is the industry's leading per head online bookie software in the world, providing user-friendly tools and unmatched customer service. PayPerHead.com's agents reach unprecedented profits through its sportsbook software and unmatched list of supported sports. To date, PayPerHead.com has provided service for over 13,000 users with professional and discrete data processing services around the globe. For more information visit http://www.payperhead.com.

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