New Book Tells Simple Children's Story With powerful Message

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God Light Inc. A New Book To Help You Talk To Your Kids About God
Children's book We All Have a God Light provides parents with a simple way to speak to their children about God, as it crosses all major religious lines

QUEENS, N.Y. - April 14, 2018 - Amzeal -- Christine Banker, is a mom of three and just wrote her first book titled "We All Have a God Light" She uses the unexpected instance of a night light burning out and the fear of the dark to introduce the reader to the concept of the God light in all of us- tying themes of love and connection along the way.
Banker says it is a simple book with a powerful message, that she hopes starts a conversation between children and parents about God. She explains that there are plenty of books out there  teaching children to be kind and compassionate, but what separates her book from the rest is that in her book she identifies the good the feeling you get inside when you are nice is a connection to God.  "Think about it, " Banker said. " It makes us feel good to do something good for someone else. The person that's doing the good often feels better inside than the person receiving. That's our God light."

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Ironically ; a book about light and connection, love, and kindness was born out of frustration at the decisiveness in the current state of affairs surrounding us.
" Everything felt like division, and I felt helpless," Banker said. I realize complaining was doing no good and I needed to take action."
The action she decided was to reach children at a young age before they are hit the world of social media. Christine's children are now older ranging from 22 to 15 and she saw the first-hand the effect social media can have on our children. She states "Our children have never been more disconnected socially because they are so connected to technology."
This book is a book of inclusion it has a message about a light within that connects us all that eschews our outward appearances and focuses on what's inside- because that's what really counts.
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