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Moonstream Introduces Game-changing Leaderboards for GameFi

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Moonstream releases a tool that allows blockchain game developers to integrate descriptive leaderboards with on-chain stats into their game in minutes.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Amzeal -- Moonstream, a web3 game engine for building GameFi economies, releases API to power on-chain leaderboards.

What makes it different from existing game leaderboards is that it can be used to create on-chain loyalty programs and display on-chain user stats. Moonstream's API allows game developers to show players:
  • where they score
  • why they got their place on the leaderboard
  • the rewards they're getting
  • how to place higher
  • any game specific on-chain statistics

Moonstream leaderboards for on-chain activity and on-chain rewards help NFT gaming projects prove to their players that they are not a rug pull. It shows that the game is functioning on the blockchain and has utility.

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"Most NFT games base their reward system on activity on off-chain centralized platforms, like Discord and Twitter. However, It is important for blockchain games to show on-chain activity and to reward people for productive on-chain activity. This builds credibility with players and can increase the size of your game's economy by a factor of 3 to 5 overnight," - says Neeraj Kashyap, CEO of Moonstream.

Pioneering blockchain games like Crypto Unicorns are already using Moonstream's on-chain data to power their decentralized leaderboards. After the loyalty program token drop Crypto Unicon's RBW token market cap doubled overnight.

It helps players focus on earning rewards and not on having to search for all the loyalty program related information on hundreds of Discord channels.

Moonstream provides leaderboards with on-chain player activity data that can be displayed right away. As far as reliable web3 analytics, Moonstream is one of the best. Using our dashboards is the most reliable source of on-chain data, with better uptime than blockchain explorers like Etherscan and Polygonscan that are down regularly.

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The most important tools in GameFi game development are the tools to build your economy. The most effective tool is loyalty programs that can reward players with game tokens or items that can be sold.

About Moonstream:

Moonstream makes building blocks for blockchain games. Game developers can choose from a menu of on-chain mechanics and integrate them into their game in minutes. Mechanics like lootboxes, crafting recipes, achievements, leaderboards, etc. Since our launch in October our platform has processed over $3B in transaction volume.

Follow @Moonstreamto on Twitter and join the Moonstream Discord server to contact the team and stay up to date on all future developments.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moonstreamto
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/K56VNUQGvA


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