'MisUnderstood' by Mars Valley Offers Breathtaking Music Experience

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Jersey City, Mar 6, 2018 (Issuewire)  - Rising music artist Mars Valleydebuts his latest track "MisUnderstood" worldwide. He was brought up and raised on Southern California, United States. He discovered his affinity of rhyming and the love for rap music at a very early age. He is quickly rose in the ranks and became the rap star in the new era of hip hop music. His music has established a huge community of underground supporters and fans. Due to his amazing talent in both the hip hop and rap music genre, he has been elected the leader of Back to Rap movement, run by his fellow music artists.

This brand new music artist believes in expressing his truest self in his songs. His latest super-hit music track "MisUnderstood" contains some strong and intense feelings and emotions of the artist. His music depicts the hardships and struggles he had to deal with in the early years of his career. But his strong love, belief and dedication towards music helped him to get to where he is now. Music was his inspiring as well as a therapeutic factor when he was going through some dark phases in his life. Mars Valley uphold his own ideals of originality, truthfulness and courageous in his music.

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He incorporates his own style in the beats, rhythms and melody in his song. His song possesses some intense dark vibes which provides a very unforgettable ambience. He displays his epic skills of rhyming words which flows smoothly and seamlessly. The perfect use of bass, hooks and other instrumentations engages the listener and takes them deep into the song. The lyrics of Mars Valley's latest song "MisUnderstood" exhibit the perfect art of storytelling which instantly addicts you and overwhelms you.

Stay tuned to SoundCloud and ITunes for his upcoming releases. Stay updated about his current activities at his own site www.marsvalleyonline.com

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