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Medical Apologetics. The universe diagnosed.

BILLINGS, Mont. - May 18, 2017 - Amzeal -- Our minds appreciate structure and our brains need organizational methods to appropriately store and access concepts and everyday data. Likewise, there needs to be a method to access and then interpret the information for the best explanation of the way things are. This book hybridizes medical diagnostic criteria and epidemiology to systematize, structure, and weigh the evidence for or against God's existence in order to come to the best explanation for what we observe. It is a new model for people interested in Christian apologetics. Whether the reader believes in the existence of God or not, this book is intended to raise questions and help answer some of them in an organized way. Whether the reader is a professional philosopher, apologist, or completely new to the subject, there is something for everyone. The tremendous amount of scientific evidence and discovery over the past century has tipped the scale toward the default position of God's existence and left the burden of proof on those who believe otherwise. However, there is so much information, it can be intimidating extracting useful knowledge and organizing it. This book attempts to organize the useful information into systematized categories to weigh the evidence using medical diagnostic techniques.

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