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Manhattan's Premier Caribbean Tech Event

Passion, Culture & Innovation Meet at Delirium for the Labor Day festivities

NEW YORK - Aug. 28, 2017 - Amzeal -- The inaugural Delirium – Where Passion, Culture & Innovation Meet will take place in Chelsea, Manhattan August 28-31, 2017. Organized by DDN Productions, the event will bring together innovators from the Caribbean diaspora to meet in carnival-like revelry and delight - we call bacchanal - over four days of education, demonstration and fun. Delirium will be the premier tech event dedicated to the Caribbean, inspiring new developers to grow.

Over the course of the four-day event, speakers will include:

Corey Cambridge, Moderator, SWIPED Panel (this segment is sold out)

Kim N. Carswell, Panelist, Swiped

Dr. Winfred Tovar, Panelist, swiped

Sama Jashnani, Panelist, Get That Paper, Swiped

Geoff Grandberg, Panelist, Get That Paper, Spark- New Innovation Pitch Segment

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Toni Robison, Panelist, Get that Paper

Tyrone Farley, Panelist, Turn Up

Iya Thomas, Panelist, Turn Up

Marvet Hulbrook, Panelist, Turn Up

Shireen Idroos, One to One, Catch a Lime

Bernadine Boisson, One to One, Catch a Lime

Georgie Ann Getton-McKoy, Host/Moderator- Start Ups on the Rise

Andrea Lawrence, Moderator for "GET That Paper" Panel

Khahlil Louisy, Panelist "What is Culture"

For more information or to attend Delirium – Where Passion, Culture & Innovation Meet, please contact DDN Productions at info@ddnproductions.com or get tickets at http://www.deliriumfete.com/tickets

DDN Productions is the brainchild of former F.I.T. Money Magazine publisher and songstress, m. Natasha Reid. DDN Productions is a full-service event and production company based in New York, that is geared towards helping emerging voices to be heard. For more information, contact info@ddnproductions.com.

Natasha Reid

Source: DDN Productions, Inc.

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