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Costa Rica
Purchasing land internationally is difficult and financing is simply unavailable. But this company plans to change that.

LOS ANGELES - Amzeal -- For those not familiar with raw land companies like LandZero, they offer land using in-house closing and company owned financing. It's a great for option for investors. However, there isn't any company offering land outside the United States.

This is where the game may change and it can be a very exciting opportunity for investors. The issue, there is a lot of homework to do before this can hit the market. The exciting part is Costa Rica may be the first market the company starts with.

"Personally I am quite familiar with land ownership in Costa Rica, United states and Mexico. We currently only provide land in the United States and that will remain our focus. But we are actively looking to make international land ownership just as easy using our same platform". -Steven Jablonski, Managing Member

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For those who have purchased land in Costa Rica or Mexico know that it needs to be purchased in full. Rarely will you ever get a loan for a home, but land there is zero chance unless there is a handshake of sorts. So unless you have $20k to $100k+ you won't become a land owner anytime soon there.

"If I was ever given the opportunity back in the day to make monthly payments and own land in Costa Rica in a year or two. I would have already owned the land by now, it would of been an excellent opportunity as I didn't have a huge amount of money to spend at once" - Jessica Richardson

But owning land in another country can come with separate issues. This is something the company needs to master before adding this to their portfolio.

"I personally have a history with land buying and selling in Costa Rica. We see the opportunity as completely doable but closing would need to be done differently. This means additional closing costs, title insurance and lawyer fees to make sure there are no issues in this country for our clients. Also the paperwork is in Spanish so we want to be able to have duel language forms for our customers. The land also needs to remain affordable, so we are going though those details as well" - Steven Jablonski

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It is certainly an huge opportunity for the company to be the first to offer such a thing. It is something we hope to see soon.

About LandZero:
LandZero is a company that has focused efforts to make land ownership affordable to all. They offer land ownership for zero down payments, rates as low as 1% and no credit checks.

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