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KITROBOT Unveils Innovative AI-Powered Disinfecting Robot for Hospitality and Food Preparation Areas

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KITROBOT's innovative technology offers automated cleaning of vast areas with minimal human intervention, saving businesses significant labour costs while ensuring superior disinfection.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Amzeal -- Year after year, the hospitality industry and public spaces have grappled with the relentless threat of bacterial and viral infections, with COVID-19 being a particularly persistent concern. These illnesses not only impact people's health but also pose a significant risk to businesses. The ongoing presence of COVID-19 has forced businesses to reevaluate their disinfection strategies. Among the most promising solutions is UV light disinfection, utilizing the specific UV-C band of wavelengths known for its germicidal properties. However, until now, businesses had to choose between manual and autonomous UV disinfection systems. Manual UV-C disinfection, while effective, presents various challenges. It demands considerable labour and resources to operate UV-C devices, making it cost-prohibitive for many businesses. Moreover, using overhead UV lamps in non-healthcare commercial settings poses a risk of direct radiation exposure to guests or customers. The need for protective suits to shield workers from the effects of UV-C further compounds the costs associated with manual disinfection.

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In response to these challenges, KITROBOT, a pioneering startup, is proud to introduce an innovative AI-powered disinfecting robot designed to change the way we approach hygiene in hospitality, restaurants, and food preparation areas. By harnessing the power of UV-C lamps, our robot effectively eliminates bacteria commonly found in hospitality, restaurant, and food preparation spaces. Key features of KITROBOT's AI-powered disinfecting robot include efficient and comprehensive disinfection, cost-effective solution, and enhanced safety measures. KITROBOT's innovation promises to usher in a new era of hygiene in the hospitality and food preparation sectors, where the health and well-being of both customers and employees are of paramount importance. With the introduction of this AI-powered disinfecting robot, businesses can take proactive steps to safeguard public health while also benefiting their bottom line.

About KITROBOT Intelligent System Corp.: KITROBOT is an intelligent, automated and most affordable medical-grade UV robot on the market for hospitality areas, restaurants' kitchens and public spaces. (https://kitrobotsystem.com/)

KITROBOT Intelligent System Corp.

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