Kentucky Managed IT Provider, Pennyrile Technologies, Offers Important Backup and Disaster Reco

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Pennyrile Technologies, a premier provider of managed IT services, offers backup and disaster recovery options that can help reduce downtime in the event of a serious issue.

HOPKINSVILLE, La. - Amzeal -- In today's high tech world, data rules everything – including most businesses. Business owners work hard to collect and analyze vast amounts of data, and it often serves as the very lifeblood of their companies. If those companies suddenly lost that data forever, whether in a fire, a cyberattack, or some other disaster, this could have a long-lasting negative impact on their operations.

Fortunately, Pennyrile Technologies, a leading provider of managed IT services located in Hopkinsville, KY, offers outstanding backup and disaster recovery services designed to prevent data loss, downtime, and loss of revenue.

Never Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Some businesses, and especially small businesses, store all their data on an on-site server or even a central hard drive to help keep things as simple (and as affordable) as possible – especially in the beginning. However, the problem with putting all your eggs in one basket comes when that hard drive or server fails and takes all the company's precious data along with it. Rather than relying on hardware that can and often does fail, it is important that you utilize a tried-and-true backup system that keeps things safe, even in the event of a serious problem.

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How Data Redundancy Works

The key to preventing issues with your data caused by failed hardware or even a natural disaster is redundancy. This simply means that you should have all your data stored in more than one place for safety. This way, if your on-site server or hard drive fails, your data is still safe, either in the cloud or on a server miles and miles away. Instead of shutting down operations, you can simply access the data remotely, and your business will experience minimal downtime (if any at all). When you install a new on-site server or drive, you can simply download the data and carry on with your business.

What Pennyrile Technologies Offers

The experts at Pennyrile Technologies know that having an effective backup and disaster recovery plan is crucial for your company's continuity and success, and that is why they have created one of the best backup solutions in existence. In fact, with their service, your company's data can be backed up as frequently as every 15 minutes, which means you stand to lose very little in a disaster, and your business can simply carry on despite anything that might happen.

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