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Jivaso Launches Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Business Platform for Small Businesses in March 2023

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Toronto, Canada - Jivaso, a technology company dedicated to empowering small businesses, announced today the launch of their new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) business platform.

BURLINGTON, Ontario - Amzeal -- The Origin Story

During the pandemic, small businesses were confronted with unprecedented challenges such as talent shortages, remote work transition, and digital adoption. Unlike large organizations, these hurdles were particularly daunting for small-medium businesses, as they lack the funding and resources to quickly adapt their sales, marketing, technology, partnerships, and talent recruitment efforts. To address this need, Jivaso was established in 2020 with a mission to leverage technology and community-based networks to provide small businesses with affordable and innovative ways to engage with their customers, partners, and talent.

P2P Platform

Jivaso's P2P network revolutionizes the way small businesses interact with their customers, partners, and talent by fostering direct connections and innovative interactions. With this community-based approach, businesses can benefit from cost efficiency, collaboration, and trust within the network. Decentralized P2P networks offer businesses greater control, adaptability, and scalability, allowing them to meet evolving demands with shared resources. Additionally, the P2P model promotes local economic growth and environmental sustainability by minimizing resource-heavy infrastructure.

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AI-Powered Technology

Jivaso's P2P platform utilizes a decentralized model, enabling direct transactions and cooperation between individuals or businesses, minimizing the need for third-party intermediation. Jivaso is developing an AI-enabled engine that will automatically generate personalized recommendations and engagement based on a multitude of data points such as business profile data and user preferences, connecting users with potential customers, partners, collaborators, mentors, and talent.

Empowering Global Talent

Jivaso ensures secure employment and abundant learning possibilities, granting access to a variety of opportunities for its P2P talent community. The platform presents a flexible, remote work setting while maintaining a team atmosphere. Jivaso's community consists of 20,000+ skilled professionals worldwide. No registration or service fees apply to the talent, and payments are processed on a monthly basis.

Strengthening the Small Business Community

Dedicated to supporting the small business community, Jivaso shares entrepreneurial stories, expertise, and thought leadership. This fosters learning and collaboration for fellow entrepreneurs, helping them launch and grow their ventures. Solopreneurs, startups, and small-medium business owners are invited to participate in their founders community.

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"We are thrilled to launch our new P2P business platform that will empower small businesses, global talent, and strengthen our community. Our platform fosters innovation, trust, and collaboration that will result in unprecedented growth opportunities for small businesses," said Yatin Jain, Founding Member at Jivaso.

Jivaso's new P2P business platform will be available to businesses worldwide starting in March 2023. For more information, visit their website at https://jivaso.com/.

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