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Introducing Blacksmith for X7 - NEW

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The latest technology to optimize your 3D printing workflow is now available at NeoMetrix Technologies

LAKE MARY, Fla. - Amzeal -- Last week, Blacksmith for the Markforged X7, a new tool for a more automated and accurate 3D printing process, has launched and strives to be the future of Adaptive Manufacturing.

Blacksmith is a subscription feature available through Eiger, the additive manufacturing software for Markforged. It scans, measures, and compares dimensional accuracy data of printed parts to their design files — giving manufactures reliable parts right off the print bed.

How it works:

1. Calibrate Machine –
The onboard laser Micrometer scans an OEM certified artifact to field calibrate the X7, enabling unparalleled printer consistency and scan accuracy

2. Print & Scan Part – As you slice a part, Eiger's patented intellegent scanning algorithm creates an integrated scan toolpath. The X7 scans the part while printing and creates a point cloud of dimensional data.

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3. Analyze Data – Blacksmith collects measurement data during the print, and assembles a point cloud for review in Eiger. This point cloud is automatically registered and overlaid on the input STL for comparison.

4. Generate Report – Eiger presents this error field in an easily parsable online report. Using these tools, you can set tolerance limits, compare different prints of the same part, and browse and sentalized scan library of print quality data.

Contact us today at NeoMetrix Technologies to request more info on Blacksmith for X7, or any other 3D Equipment or Professional Services.

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