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Integrating your LMS with Microsoft Teams leads to greater efficiency

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By integrating Microsoft Teams with an LMS, employees can be more efficient.

CANBERRA, Australia - Amzeal -- Microsoft Teams is not a learning management system (LMS) but rather a collaborative hub for work-related communications. However, through the power of integrations, Microsoft Teams can house an existing LMS within the app, allowing learning to blend seamlessly with an employee's daily workflow. In their recent article, the Acorn subject matter experts delve into the benefits an organisation might get out of such an integration.

Learner engagement is a tough achievement, especially within workplace learning. One of the best methods to help it along is by placing study in the heart of an employee's work life. Take Microsoft Teams for example – it's a versatile tool that manages a wide array of workplace communications and activities. If learning becomes easily accessible within the app, employees may be more inclined to undertake it.

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By integrating Microsoft Teams with an LMS, employees can be more efficient. Up to 4 hours a week can be saved by eliminating the need to navigate between apps. An integration also makes for impactful interactions, as the immediacy of chat within Microsoft Teams is important for validating an online education experience.

Lastly, creating a smooth and inviting digital employee experience is key for user buy-in. An integration helps build a consistent look and feel, ensures content is discoverable and makes sure materials can be easily accessed.

"The integration of Acorn directly into Microsoft Teams empowers users to place learning right in the flow of work," said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder & Managing Director). "Direct access to training within Teams means that content discovery, compliance and learning all take place within one end point, boosting productivity and removing any barriers to study."

An integration between Microsoft Teams and an LMS doesn't override the core function of one system or the other. Rather, it simply removes the background noise that distracts employees from engaging with well-crafted learning programs.

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You can read the Acorn experts' article about LMS integrations with Microsoft Teams on their Acorn Resources blog: https://hubs.ly/Q011M5Jx0

Pursuit Technology is one of Australia's fastest growing HR technology companies. Pursuit, via Acorn LMS, takes a different view to strategically enabling HR and L&D teams compared to traditional providers. Rather than focusing on analytics after learning experience, their products use workforce planning and capability frameworks prior to any learning. By linking to a company's strategy, Pursuit products can inform organisational capability gaps and suggest education, deliver this education, then measure the impact – proving business impact by the HR and L&D team in a quantifiable way.

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