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Innarah®  Introduces an electronic Skin Care device which works on Radio Frequency

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A new invention which shows the significant results in a short period of time.

STRATFORD, Conn. - June 12, 2018 - Amzeal -- , Today the discoverer of Anti-Aging effects of Fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) Patent # US5153230A has announced the introduction of a new rechargeable electronic skin Care deviceMURSAL®RF which works on Radio Frequency.

Innarah®  is not new to the inventions.
The company is the first ever formulated Skin Care Products that work with the Skin Immune System.

The company claims that the device is like a skin exerciser. It brings blood to the skin.

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.MURSAL®RF has five modes.
1- Cleans
2- Moisturizes.
3- EMS Mode- Gives a warm massage to the skin including neck and shoulders.
4- Red light; it bring soothing effects, repairs cells, tightens the skin, shrink pores and wrinkles. Removes the double chin, Regeneration of collagen cells increases skin elasticity and gives whitening effects to the skin.

5- Blue Red Cool light shrink and tightens pores and gives glow to the skin.

The company claims that result can be seen in 30 days.

Innarah® is the first ever formulated skin care that works with the skin's immune system.

The company has introduced a unique technology known as biofermentation and perfected its fermented, anti-aging formulas and signatureVenoDefense (https://shop.innarah.net/product.sc?productId=5...) collection, which replicates the effects of snake venom using a botanical base with cutting-edge ingredients.

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Mr. Manzoor Jaffery the inventor of the technology says that the process is actually different from other product formulations where the trick is their "blending" process. the result is a much more powerful cream.

The ingredients are powerful, just like raw food. It helps with the skin's own immune system.

Mr. Jaffery explained the Science behind the process. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body and is the first line of defense in the immune system, it's imperative to help protect it. The skin rejects the foreign touching objects. But as Innarah's products are fermented, skin considers them as food and absorbs them.

Innarah Inc
Manzoor H Jaffery
Phone # 201-679-5745

Source: Innarah.com
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