HXJQ Machinery Offers New-type Mobile Crushing Station

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HXJQ Machinery is fully committed to creating a new mobile crushing station, which brings great convenience to the majority of mining equipment users.

HXJQ is a professional mining machinery manufacturer for 40 years whose main products include crushing, beneficiation, drying, grinding and cement making machine engineered specifically for mining demands. No matter in domestic or foreign mining equipment market, HXJQ has a very large customer base, especially the mobile crusher equipment that HXJQ has been working hard in recent years has been well-known to domestic and foreign mine users in just two or three years, and it has harvested a large number of fans.

According to the speech of HXJQ Machinery spokesperson, Yang Manager, the HXJQ vehicle-mounted mobile crusher plant has novel design and advanced technology. What is even more rare is its strong performance and high cost performance. The after-sales service of the manufacturer is another major feature which is attractive and important to customers.

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First of all, its newly launched mobile crushing station is designed to be beautiful. The mobile crusher has a smooth body, compact structure and reasonable layout, giving people a visual effect with a grade and beautiful appearance. Its external beauty is clear at a glance which is much more attractive to the customers.

Secondly, the quality is superior. The mobile crusher is not only beautiful in appearance, but also superior in performance and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

1. Flexible movement and versatile shapes

The HXJQ mobile crusher integrated unit has various configurations which offers different chooses to users. The tire type can be towed by a car, and the crawler type can be moved by remote control, which is convenient and flexible, and is not affected by the operation site and the road condition.

2. Environmentally friendly production with excellent quality

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HXJQ mobile crusher mainframe adopts effective dust suppression measures--spraying and installing dust collectors to ensure environmentally friendly production on site; the quality of finished products such as gravel sand is excellent and required for many large-scale engineering projects.

3. Intelligent control, energy saving and consumption reduction

The TCL system and PLC programmable control room design enable the staff to get the production data and control freely even if they are away from the machine; advanced crushing technology, mature manufacturing technology and reasonable structural design can make the machine reach the desired speed quickly to avoid excessive use of work, greatly reducing energy consumption and improving production efficiency.

As a direct sales manufacturer, HXJQ Machinery has no redundant links in the sales process, which can effectively reduce the unnecessary expenses of equipment, curb the extra cost of the machine, and give the user's factory price as much as possible to the small and medium sandstone users.stats
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