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How to Determine if your Motorola Batteries & Audio Accessories are Still Under Warranty

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SYKESVILLE, Md. - Amzeal -- Before you decide whether it is time to replace your existing two-way radio accessories, you should always know if your warranty has expired or not. For Motorola audio accessories, there will be a four-digit date code between the two pins on the molded rubber. Motorola two-way radio batteries on the other hand, contain the four-digit date code on the battery label. To find this, simply remove the battery from the two-way radio. Read below for a brief guide on Motorola date codes.

Format for 2011 and later:

·         1st and 2nd  digits indicate the manufacturing year (ex: 11 = 2011, 12 = 2012, etc.)

·         3rd and 4th digits represent the manufacturing work week + 19 weeks. The week of manufacture rolls over to the following year should the number exceed 52

If the part was built on WW10 of 2011, the 4-digit code would be 1129

"Old" format (Prior to 2011):

·         1st digit represents the manufacturing year. 0 = 2010, 1 = 2011

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·         3rd and 4th digits represent the work week of manufacture + 19 weeks. Should this number exceed 52, it will rollover to the following year

The majority of Motorola two-way radio batteries are covered for a 1-year period. The warranty covers holding 80% of the rated capacity of the battery after charging. For example, a 4000 Mah battery should remain at least a 3200 Mah capacity during the 1-year warranty period. For audio accessories, this generally covers manufacturing defects. Examples include but are not limited to: not being able to transmit and receive, strain of the cabling, connectors breaking, and push to talk buttons not functioning properly. The Motorola radio accessories warranty is excluded when accessories are damaged in the event of improper operation, misuse, neglect or physical damage.

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