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How do I contact Facebook support directly?

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Facebook is one of the top social media applications, provides interesting and user-friendly features. If you have any issues with Facebook, you can get in touch with Facebook any time to report a problem.

LOS ANGELES - Amzeal -- You can also connect with a Facebook representative in case you have a Facebook business account.

Getting through Facebook resources

Facebook doesn't provide a direct way to connect means you can't call, text, email, or speak to Facebook directly. But you can use the Facebook help center page to find out and report a problem with your account.

*Firstly open the help center web-page of Facebook on your device

*Go to the login button and enter the Facebook email address and password

*Go to the review options toolbar at the top of the screen under the search bar.

*You will have to drag the mouse over each option to check their subsections; the options include the following.

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Using Facebook: - This section covers the basic functionality of Facebook like messaging, account creation, etc.

Managing your account: - Covers items like log in or profile settings.

Privacy and safety: - This section includes security, in-friend people, fake and hacked accounts.

Policies and reporting: - This includes basic reporting, handling a deceased person's Facebook account, and reporting fake accounts.

Select the most appropriate section; e.g., you have a problem with a fake account, you can select the privacy and safety section and then go for hacked and fake accounts.

Now you can go for the additional options and click on them. By doing this, you will get many troubleshooting links.

To deal with fake accounts, you can go to the accounts profile page, click on the three-dot button above a post, and then click report; you will get to see the following on-screen instructions.

Click on the search bar of the help center page, type a keyword related to your complaint. You will get to see many suggestions related to your keyword.

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If you type Impostor account, you can click the suggestion how do I report an account for impersonation?

Click the button community help to visit the Facebook community page if you don't get your answer.

Go to the Facebook help center page. If you have a business account and have any issues, you will get answers mostly in this section.

For the problem with advertising, click on troubleshooting your ads and then choose an issue from the sub-menus

Go to the Facebook community page if you don't get an answer from the help center. Use the search bar to search for any topic and get an answer from Facebook Customer Service

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