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Strong rainstorms are common at this time in the year, and the wildlife issue often occurs with poor weather conditions. Creatures such as rodents and birds are searching for shelter and some of them can be bats looking for shelter who can stumble across your house. If a hole forms in your cellar or attic, some of the bats can always find their way. While bats appear harmless and tiny, they can do much more damage to the property and even some health problems. You need Auburn services to remove and expel the bat with the help of Lee County wildlife removal.

House damage control
Bats hang along the wooden walls and corners of the indoor living areas, and are known to cause significant harm to the home structure. They make small holes in the wooden walls to make the building easier to access. The wooden framework inside can be harmed by the bat guano and the scratches from the bat's claws and the walls will be as a result stained and damaged. Bat removal Auburn specialists from Lee County provide bat removal service to secure your home from bats. They get rid of the bats and figure out where the foundation has been affected, where the guano was to be found to clean the house.

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Safe Removal
Removal of bats from a home or building requires exclusion techniques to be installed so do not try to do this yourself. Instead, hire a bat removal Auburn expert to do it for you.  These are one-way devices that enable the bats to leave, but they can not go back via the device. The removal only works on adult bats. At night only adult bats fly out. If the roost includes flightless baby bats, they are trapped there, without their mothers feeding them they will die. It is essential to comply with the bat removal guidelines and the deadline in this case.

Bats are protected by Law

Bats are protected species, so bat removal during the season of maternity of bats is illegal and an inhumane activity.  Thanks to their bug and rodent feeding habits, bats are good for the climate. Occasionally, exceptional cases arise where state orders requiring the removal of bats in the maternity period are given, but in ordinary situations these commands are not issued. You can be prosecuted and heavily fined if you remove bats without a special permit during the maternity season. That's why if you need bats removed from your property, hire Lee County wildlife removal experts.

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Lee County Wildlife Removal
Go Pro wildlife removal services are the best in the area, the reason for that being that their services of wildlife removal ensure humane methods of control and removal.


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